Visual overcompensation

2nd listening and I already can’t stand anymore of it. Let’s hope it doesn’t last. Way down from previous productions (and they weren’t that good already).

In the end is more of the same in every aspect, because if is working don’t fix it.

Isolation is the only thing we have in common?

Don’t know, kind of stuck on this assumption after “Love get out of my way” by Monarchy.

Even the video, and the cover of the album, give me this feeling of cold detachment. Is this the zeitgeist? Probably I’m coming late.

Album release is due in may 2011, but I downloaded it 2 months ago, so if you’re curious is out there. Extremely synth-POP.

Play Snake on Youtube with the new player!

It’s that easy!

High on London

Maybe I’m already suffering from nostalgia, but this video of London is something to see if you have 3 spare minutes (and if you’re reading this than you sure have!).

When the intermission is better than the show

The comment “no newfags in that team” is priceless! And if you don’t get it, sorry, but I can’t tell you, rule #1 & #2 are there for a reason.

Daisy Daisy – Michelle Plays Ping Pong

Video and song go hand in hand and the result is a psychedelic trip. Catchy tune from 2006.

Somewhere by Sofia Coppola

I just found out Sofia Coppola have a new film coming out this winter (dec 22) named Somewhere, here is the trailer.

Seems the story of a cool-leaving the good life-dad and the relationship with his preteen daughter while they travel around Europe. Sure as hell she’s going to make him a better person, or at the very least he will try to improve for her.

Non really impressed by the trailer or the story, probably I’m not in the targeted audience for this kind of film, but I will give it a shot, it’s Sofia’s work after all.

P.S. Soundtrack by Phoenix.


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